Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Have you considered using a helical pile for your construction? In building structures, oftentimes, foundation building is the most crucial part. In fact, most people hire professionals and experts only to have a strong foundation. Keep in mind that foundations have to be kept strong since it is the backbone in every structure. Else, any construction will fail if you were not able to start it with a sturdy foundation. This is where a helical pile foundation comes in.

Machine Installed Screw Piles

Do you really need to hire an engineer?
Upon building a construction, you have to consider that in the advent of technology, a lot of innovative ways of building foundations have come out in the open. Let's consider on the steel piling. Whether construction a commercial or a residential project, you can always consider doing it on your own. These days, foundation piles enabled common individuals to construct structures no matter how big it is. Say if you want to construct an outbuilding, terrace or a simple garage extended right next to your home. Do you need to hire an engineer to complete this type of project? Yes, there may be a lot of Do-It-Yourself tips and techniques you can find in the internet, but the moment you will understand what these helical piers foundation are, you will be surprised that you were able to complete the structure on your own. You don't have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to hire for a professional when you can even do it yourself. Helical steel piles are built with strong materials and are meant to last. Moreover, they are easier and convenient to install.

Work as an Engineer
Did you know that the main purpose of hiring an engineer is to check and determine on the soil? As soon as he determines the type of soil, he is ready to move on to the next step. He figures out which materials will be used in order to keep the foundation stronger as it should be. If this is what engineers do, then, you too can do it. Installing foundations using steel screw piles, you do not need to determine on the soil. Although the piles are efficient on clay and sand, but either way, these foundations can be built in whatever type of soil there is. Unlike in using other foundation type, you do not need to clear the construction site before building the foundations. Instead, screw piles allow you to insert the pile directly to the ground and install the foundation. Rotate it as it reaches a certain depth. Once it is ready, the foundation can be used and the project will soon be complete.

Foundations can be built as strong as you possibly can. You can have any construction complete with these innovative piles. Although the decision would still remain in your hands. Whether or not hiring an engineer to determine on the ground condition before the materials for construction will be figured out is the best option. Whatever decision you may come up with, using screw piles have been considered by most people completing their projects. They have seen the benefits it has provided. You will be surprised as you would use it in your structure! 


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