Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Have you considered using a helical pile for your construction? In building structures, oftentimes, foundation building is the most crucial part. In fact, most people hire professionals and experts only to have a strong foundation. Keep in mind that foundations have to be kept strong since it is the backbone in every structure. Else, any construction will fail if you were not able to start it with a sturdy foundation. This is where a helical pile foundation comes in.

Machine Installed Screw Piles

Do you really need to hire an engineer?
Upon building a construction, you have to consider that in the advent of technology, a lot of innovative ways of building foundations have come out in the open. Let's consider on the steel piling. Whether construction a commercial or a residential project, you can always consider doing it on your own. These days, foundation piles enabled common individuals to construct structures no matter how big it is. Say if you want to construct an outbuilding, terrace or a simple garage extended right next to your home. Do you need to hire an engineer to complete this type of project? Yes, there may be a lot of Do-It-Yourself tips and techniques you can find in the internet, but the moment you will understand what these helical piers foundation are, you will be surprised that you were able to complete the structure on your own. You don't have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to hire for a professional when you can even do it yourself. Helical steel piles are built with strong materials and are meant to last. Moreover, they are easier and convenient to install.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Believe it or not, a screw pile can shoulder to as much weight as you think it could handle. Foundations provide a flat surface thereby a home can sit on. As technology develops there has been a lot of piling types you can choose from. Perhaps as you read on, you would be able to foresee the type of pile that you would be using in your future construction.

Timber Piles
Timber Pile

Yes, there are quite a number of foundation pilings to choose from and one of these piles are the timber piles. Timber, which typically comes from the tree trunks where branches are being trimmed. Since this type of pile is purely made of wood, thus, this is considered as the cheapest among the rest of the piling methods available. You have to think that even if this type of piling is cheap, there is a perfect construction need that it can meet. Just remember not to use these where it can be exposed to the seasonal elements. Other than that, unlike the sheet piling for sale and other types, this type of piling method can only handle lighter weight of load.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Helical Screw Piles

These days, along with the development of technology, anyone can build a construction project with the innovative method of a solid steel screw pile. You may be familiar with the traditional method of building foundations. Gone are the days where you would no longer be digging larger holes on to the ground, filling concrete on the pile and waiting for it to dry before you can use the foundation. As you read on, you will be able to examine on the multiple components of creating a good foundation structure. Keep in mind that the foundation is the most important part of the building since it carries the entire weight of the structure. Thus, a builder has to ensure to have a strong foundation regardless of the size of the building construction.

Foundation Depths
Consider on the foundation pilings which require depths. In order to insert the pile at the right depth measurement, you have to depend on some factors which we will discuss later on in this article. Unlike the sheet piling for sale, creating foundation is more than easy. However, if you simply want to create a small outbuilding in your backyard or your fence, this should be the best time to use the steel piling instead of the concrete piling. Say you have the screw pilings ready, installing these types of pilings will be the next step. On the other hand, before inserting the pile on the ground, you need to consider on these factors.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Front Porch In the advent of technology, construction has been made easy with the different tools and methods applied such as using screw pile. You may not notice that a simple small building construction in your yard, this method will always be necessary. Consider on a small outbuilding being constructed. At this point, once you have this method, you will no longer need to hire a professional, instead a simple DIY construction can be completed with your handy tools plus this method. So, how do you determine whether or not the screw piles you are using are the good ones? This article and along with the coming posts in this blog will be able to give you a clear view with regard to these pilings used for constructions.

In order to identify the right piling to use for your construction, you need to check on the features with regard to the materials being used to make such. Consider on steel piling that can be used for both residential and non residential construction. Not to mention even the small buildings you are building. These types may be made from good quality materials, but we'll see to it that material certificates have to be available when you need to purchase most importantly for the piles. This will prove that the materials being used to manufacture these foundation pilings are the materials indicated on the certificate. Else, you will end up using the weaker grade of the steel or worst, from a recycled steel. Remember, these pilings, even for concrete piling should be secured and strong since these are used as foundations. In other words, the entire building or construction would depend on these materials.