Monday, December 2, 2013

Front Porch In the advent of technology, construction has been made easy with the different tools and methods applied such as using screw pile. You may not notice that a simple small building construction in your yard, this method will always be necessary. Consider on a small outbuilding being constructed. At this point, once you have this method, you will no longer need to hire a professional, instead a simple DIY construction can be completed with your handy tools plus this method. So, how do you determine whether or not the screw piles you are using are the good ones? This article and along with the coming posts in this blog will be able to give you a clear view with regard to these pilings used for constructions.

In order to identify the right piling to use for your construction, you need to check on the features with regard to the materials being used to make such. Consider on steel piling that can be used for both residential and non residential construction. Not to mention even the small buildings you are building. These types may be made from good quality materials, but we'll see to it that material certificates have to be available when you need to purchase most importantly for the piles. This will prove that the materials being used to manufacture these foundation pilings are the materials indicated on the certificate. Else, you will end up using the weaker grade of the steel or worst, from a recycled steel. Remember, these pilings, even for concrete piling should be secured and strong since these are used as foundations. In other words, the entire building or construction would depend on these materials.

Load Tables and Measuring Guides
According to the type of pile that you will be using, the reliable load tables will be available for the piles. There may be sheet piling for sale, but it is always best to ask the manufacturer to provide assistance in measuring the requirements or measurements of the exact screw pile that will be needed to complete the project.

Country of Origin
Keep in mind that the country where the material is manufactured can greatly create an impact. Perhaps, there may be Asian-made screw piles that are being imported on the market. Remember, the material and the quality of manufacturing these pilings may oftentimes does not come near the level of these domestic screw piles.

In order to ensure the quality of these pilings that you will be using to construct your project, you should be keen and be extra careful. Otherwise, you may be able to complete your project or construction yet in a while, you will slowly see the effects of using such weak materials. There are screw piles that can provide the finest quality in the market. Take advantage of these materials and you will be able to see the results as you complete the construction. In addition, there may be piles on ECO series but it doesn't mean that it is of low quality. Remember, look for a manufacturer that can provide quality and sturdy materials. 


  1. It's really interesting that the country of origin of the screw pile can impact the effectiveness of the design. I didn't realize that there were so many factors that went into producing a high-quality piling. It's also helpful to know what kinds of materials are best for certain types of pilings.

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