Thursday, January 9, 2014

Believe it or not, a screw pile can shoulder to as much weight as you think it could handle. Foundations provide a flat surface thereby a home can sit on. As technology develops there has been a lot of piling types you can choose from. Perhaps as you read on, you would be able to foresee the type of pile that you would be using in your future construction.

Timber Piles
Timber Pile

Yes, there are quite a number of foundation pilings to choose from and one of these piles are the timber piles. Timber, which typically comes from the tree trunks where branches are being trimmed. Since this type of pile is purely made of wood, thus, this is considered as the cheapest among the rest of the piling methods available. You have to think that even if this type of piling is cheap, there is a perfect construction need that it can meet. Just remember not to use these where it can be exposed to the seasonal elements. Other than that, unlike the sheet piling for sale and other types, this type of piling method can only handle lighter weight of load.

Concrete Piles
Concrete Pile

We have come to the most commonly used piling type in construction. Perhaps, these workers do not know on the beauty behind the other piling method such as the steel piling, which will be discussed as you read on. Concrete piling involves a lot of steps before you can use it. Not to mention this type of pile would sometimes cost you a fortune. You need to hire workers else rent or buy heavy equipment to install the piling. Keep in mind that you still need to create holes on the ground and remove the dirt. In addition, as soon as you have placed the pilings on the ground and as concrete is poured on the piling, your time will be consumed as you wait for the concrete to dry.

Steel Screw Piles
Screw Pile

Most people do not know that this piling method keeps your house stronger than ever. Also, upon installing the piles, it would not require you to create holes on the ground and remove the dirt. Moreover, is should be enable you to install the piles at any given time and anywhere. At this point, it has cut the installation time shorter since installing may require even a single or a couple of persons turning the pile in a direction that it should be able to penetrate and insert it on the ground and keep it sturdy. Plus, it has enabled you to save hundreds and thousands from renting or buying the equipment, not to mention the waiting time for the concrete to dry before you can use it. Although you can opt to install the pile using the machine, whatever type of method of installation, steel piles will always be cost effective.

There are still other piles available for you to choose from, but among these three types presented, steel piles are considered to be the most cost effective foundation type you can take advantage of.


  1. I had no idea that steel screw piles keep your house strong. I have been looking for ways to keep a house steady, and I would like a way that saves money too. I'll keep these in mind when I make a decision. Thanks for the information!

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